About the Digital Disruption Network

Digital Disruption is a research network where organisations and academics invent the future of digital technology together. We do this by addressing deep, future-oriented research questions in practically grounded, result-oriented collaborative projects.

For the last two decades, digital technologies have been disrupting practically all businesses and services, creating new billion-dollar enterprises while literally bankrupting others. For many companies, this represents a huge opportunity to identify new markets and create new products. But to achieve this requires future-facing, long-term research – something which few organisations can afford to do in-house. We believe that universities offer unique opportunities as research partners, because they can address long-term, strategic research questions, and work collaboratively to develop speculative solutions to real-world problems.

The main work of the network is carried out in a series of Special Interest Groups that are dedicated to specific research topics. The Special interest Groups act as a pre-competitive arena where partners can explore the future together. Learn more about special interest groups here!

You can join the Network as an individual, as a supporting partner, or as member of a Special Interest Group. Visit the Join page to find out more!