Special Interest Groups

The Digital Disruption Network includes a range of Special Interest Groups focused on doing research in specific topics. In these, members work directly with academics to explore a particular research question, relating to how we will live, work and interact with digital technologies.

Each special interest group will be led by a senior academic researcher, and composed of a range of companies and organisations in different fields. The membership is selective, in order to include organisations from complementing industries as well as of different sizes.

The benefits of joining a Special Interest Group include:
  • Future scanning and research planning. Each group meets quarterly to discuss trends and formulate collaborative research. These meetings are a pre-competitive arena to share insights on issues facing us in the future. An internal report is generated and shared with members only.
  • Pilot projects. These are small-scale, practical, real-world projects that are co-created together with academics and one of more members of the network. They are co-funded by the collaborating partner and the university, who typically contribute an equal share of the resources each. The research results are owned collectively by the university and the funding partner(s).
  • Access to external research funding.  SIG members can work with academics to create and apply for research projects that are financed through funding bodies such as Innovate UK and UK Research and Innovation. These can range in size from several thousand pounds to trees of millions, depending on the topic, strength of the research, and required resources.
  • Individual consultation. In addition to the regular future scanning meetings, members can consult on an individual basis with academics on potential research ideas and project collaborations. 

The first Special Interest Group – The Future of Immersive Experiences – is launching soon, with more to follow in 2019. If you are interested in joining a Special Interest Group, contact us!

Special Interest Groups launching soon

The Future of Immersive Experiences
How will emerging interaction paradigms such as augmented and virtual reality, as well as technologies like 5G networking, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, change how we live, work, shop, socialise and entertain ourselves in the future?
Academic Lead: Professor Lars Erik Holmquist, Northumbria University

Upcoming Special Interest Groups

The Future of Money
How have technologies such as mobile payments, online banking and biometrics changed how we handle money, and how will financial institutions, retailers and service providers embrace potential disruptions, such as a cashless society, in the future?
Launching in 2019!

The Future of Identity
How do we manage our digital identities, what information do we share and with who, what are the tools available to support us do this and will keeping our personal data private even still be of such concern in the future?
Launching in 2019!

The Future of Ageing and Vitality
How is the positive ageing movement disrupting deeply entrenched notions of ageing in society, and how are digital technologies offering solutions for enhancing quality of life as we age, and combating issues such as isolation and loneliness in older people?
Launching in 2019!

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